Friday, September 9, 2011

baggu daypack!

we just got back from an absolutely delightful trip to california and disneyland. if you have never been to disneyland as an adult with your significant other, i cannot recommend it highly enough. i have another post to come of the ways that it can be special and romantic and a best-ever-memory-making-place, but today i just wanted to give some big kudos to baggu and their new lines of daypack bags.

i ordered a baggu daypack for our trip and couldn't have been happier with it! the baggu daypack is the perfect bag for touring disneyland. it's lightweight, but holds a ton. i carried around a long sleeved t-shirt, pair of running shoes, wallet, sunscreen, and still had extra room to throw in my mouse ears when needed. the nylon material isn't waterproof by any means and there were several times where we got completely drenched on rides, but my baggu kept its contents surprisingly dry, considering how the rest of my body was soaked, and it dried out really quickly afterward.

big plus: cute factor. the most highly recommended bag i had found for disneyland previously is baggallini's messenger bag . i ordered one for our trip and promptly bagged it back up for a return. though it seemed practical enough, it was just ugly and pretty soccer mom-ish if i do say so myself. i ordered my baggu the same day.

looking for a good bag for disneyland, or any other adventure where you're hoofing it around for hours on end and need to lug your must-have items around? try baggu!

*i'm not endorsed by baggu or have any affiliation other than that i own the baggu daypack and love it. just wanted to pass on the advice and recommendation for any other disneyland lovers out there, or anyone looking for a good active bag for hiking, walking, biking or anything else.


Anonymous said...

are dudes allowed to use them?

anna said...

hipster ones.

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