Friday, October 21, 2011

m-i-c-k-e-y m-o-u-s-e

i can't adequately describe my love for all things disney... but suffice it to say that disneyland really is my idea of one of the happiest places on earth. here's part of why i think so... it's full of the magic of a time gone by... the old, vintage disney... the magic that walt disney created in order for families to experience FUN together. the sensory experiences that disneyland offers are second to none. the joy i feel when walking down main street, usa on a fresh & clean morning is uncontainable - that happy music floating through the air with the old-fashioned voices and sweet strains of strings, the comforting smell of baked treats, the prospect of a full day of beautiful fun ahead - it's WONDERFUL!

i didn't experience disneyland until i was an adult. and it blew my mind. my parents had never been and matt and i had the privilege of being with them to observe and enjoy "dis" with them at the end of this summer. they didn't really "get it" until they were there, and they were hooked. they tried everything at least once, and they are already talking about going back - my idea of a successful first visit.

here are some moments from our trip together. matt's bajillionth, my fourth, their first.

world of color show at disney's california adventure! incredible!

mom & dad, ready to ride Big Thunder!

california screamin'! (the photo op was "act asleep." mom missed the memo).

mom & dad in a toy box

mickey pancakes at the riverbelle terrace in new orleans square! delish.

me and dad, driving through autopia! (shortly after being rear-ended by matt).

catching the fireworks finale while riding the matterhorn (absolutely perfect timing)
mom and dad whooping, hollering, and belly laughing!
the world of color show
warm churros
lunch at the blue bayou
dad's reactions on star tours & indiana jones (in awe like a little boy!)
acting like kids again for a week!

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Anonymous said...

veddy nice. sounds like a good time for all. maybe i will go someday!